with the Parade taking place on Madison Avenue in Manhattan and then, on 2003 Mrs. Patricia receives the call from the City authorities and they grant her permanent permission for the Mexican Parade to take place in Manhattan. 

From humble beginnings

The Parade started in September ,1994, in Queens NY at 24th & 38th Ave. At that time, just a handful of marched: itss founder, Mrs. Patricia Hernandez, Professor Roseli,  the announcer José Navarro, who till this day is the Presenter of the Parade, and the Consul of Ecuador at the time.

Moving in larger circles

As the parade progresses along its route to Madison Avenue in Manhattan, a growing number of spectators start to gather, steadily increasing the size of its following. In 2023, Patricia Hernandez receives the call from the City Council and the Parade is granted permanent permission to permanently take place in Manhattan. 

Growing in Popularity

In 2022, Mrs. Patricia received support from Mr. Pedro Zamora, who became the Grand Marshal of the Parade. His involvement brought along a significant presence of sports and entertainment personalities, as well as politicians. Notable individuals who participated included Mayor Erick Adams, the President of the Mexican Senate, Manny Castro, actresses Gloria Chagoyan and Lupita Ferrer, among others. Their participation added to the excitement and star power of the Parade.
In 2023, Zamora Entertainment, in collaboration with Mecenas, its non-profit organization, proudly takes on the coordination of this year’s parade. Their goal is to reinforce and enhance the parade, making it an extraordinary celebration of Mexican pride in New York. With their involvement, they aim to bring new energy, creativity, and unique elements to make the parade an unforgettable experience for participants and spectators alike.